This week, I have had a great conversation with the lovely Shannon Western.
Shannon is a Registered Associate Nutritionist who offers nutrition counselling for disordered eating and women's health conditions. She offers a compassionate, person-centred approach that allows people to explore their eating behaviour and thoughts around food and their body. Shannon offers a Non-Diet and HAES (r) approach to health.
We discussed Endometriosis and women's health, looking at whether nutrition can support or better our symptoms, and how else we can help ourselves to be more comfortable. Here is our conversation. Enjoy. 

Please do follow Shannon on social media. Her posts on non-diet nutrition are excellent and super informative.

You can find her on Instagram at @shannonwesternnutrition and @womenshealthnutritionist, and her website is

Here is a great article that Shannon has written on endometriosis if you want to know more:

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