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Ok, by now you must know that this is a mini series? If you’ve missed the previous THREE you really do need to start at the beginning, so go back and have a read and watch the video in question.

Oh to hell with the scales. I don’t weigh myself. I refuse. It makes me miserable, I put too much value on what the number is, and in reality it says nothing. It just tells me the force that exists between me and the Earth.

It doesn’t tell me anything about my health or my body composition. Your average bathroom scales that measure water in the body, body fat etc are not accurate so don’t waste your money on those either.

If I ate that whole cake, you know, the one in the video, or any cake come to think of it, then sure I’d weigh heavier because it would be me AND the cake on the scales, not just me. It may mean that I retain some water for a bit and that will make me heavier too?

Whatever the number is, it makes zero difference to my physical health, my mental wellbeing, or my worth, and as we’ve already discussed my weight does not correlate directly to my level of health so what’s the point in putting myself through it? I won’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel terrible for people who lose people close to them through ill health. It’s very sad, it’s hard to deal with, and it’s hard on those close by if they think they can see one or two things that the person could have done to help themselves a little. 

How many times have you looked at a friend or family member and thought how they would be a little healthier if they lost a bit of weight? How they would be doing themselves a favour if they’d just eat a few less chocolate bars or bags of crisps? It’s not your fault that you think that. We are all so heavily influenced by diet culture and the messages in weight stigma, and when you’ve been seeing and hearing those things for a long time you aren’t to blame for believing them.

That pattern of thinking can be changed though when we begin to realise and believe that health is an extremely individual thing. What food does in one person’s body is completely different to what it does in someone else’s. You are not the same as anyone else on this planet, even if you are an identical twin (true, there are some very interesting studies on this), so how can you expect your needs to be the same?

One person weighing X kg on the scales will have a different body composition to someone else who also weighs X kg. Someone at one stage of their life may even have a different body composition to their own body at that same weight but in a different stage of their life, and so it should. As you go through life your body’s demands will be different, and life experience and all the things you are subjected to through that time will affect your own personal needs.

Your body is constantly adapting and changing, and to apply a set of rules to your body based simply on what you look like is doing yourself a real disservice. For all the hard work and amazing things your body does for you, don’t you think that it deserves more than for you to just try and apply the same rules and eating habits as someone else just because it is working for them? You DO deserve more. You don’t necessarily need to go out and scrutinise every piece of food you put in your mouth and how your body reacts at a cellular level, but you can start to gauge how you feel in general after eating and work with that.

Maybe you’ll start making some notes about the foods that make you feel a bit sluggish and the foods that make you feel energised. Maybe you’ll start adding some new foods to your diet and seeing how you like them. You can of course consult with a professional to fine tune it, but you can start to understand your relationship with food if you simply start listening to your body. You don’t need to stand on the scales to do this. In fact, you’ll get a much clearer picture if you avoid them altogether. 

Final thought

Although I didn’t do a full deep dive into the issues I hope that now we’re at the end of this mini series that you can see that you cannot judge a person’s health based solely on their diet. To criticise someone for what you perceive their diet to be is wrong and quite unfair. You can’t judge a person’s overall diet based on a photo or a video. You can’t know what their health is like based on what you see them eating. You can’t figure out how well their body is functioning based solely on their size, and you can’t judge your own health based only on the number on the scales. 

If it were that easy to diagnose and fix health issues just through reducing body weight and the food you eat wouldn’t everyone be super healthy?? Let’s be a little more compassionate and understanding towards others, and to ourselves.


Please note:  This post is intended to be general information that applies to people who don’t have diagnosed medical conditions and are not pregnant. As always, please see a registered professional before making changes to your diet⁠.


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